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This Cumulus User Map currently displays active Cumulus Users Weather Sites, obtained from the information provided in the Cumulus Users List on the Cumulus Software Website. Note : Cumulus Users can elect to add their site to this map if desired. We would love to see as many as possible on the map as a way of easily finding other Cumulus users websites and also be able to see (Primary) Software used by each site ( Cumulus1 or CumulusMX ) as well as Hardware ( Cumulus Supported Devices ). We doubt many sites will add their details, though would be good to see as many as possible. If you need help to find your correct Latitude and Longitude, please use our Lat/Lng Finder Map, just use your mouse to locate your position on the map and click.

Current Cumulus User(s) displayed on the Map ( Total by Station Name and by CU Version ).            View Map in : Full Screen
Total UsersTotal CMXTotal CU1

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