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Last Updated: 10 February 2021 at 14:09 

Logo New Today Yesterday Previous Comparison Page Added


Posted on 10th Feb 2021 14:07:16

Added a new Summary Page containg Averages and Extremes for Today, Yesterday and comparison to Previous Historical Highs and Lows.

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Logo New Rain Water Tank Level Monitors Added


Posted on 21st Nov 2020 20:07:40

We had 3 new Water Tank Monitors made to our requirements and they are now up and running.

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Logo Power Outage Update - 2020-11-17


Posted on 17th Nov 2020 15:28:40

Last nights Power outage after Midnight, caused issues.

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Logo New Beaumaris Beach Tide Times Page Added - Updated 2020-11-01


Posted on 31st Oct 2020 17:59:11

Added new page to display Charts of Beaumaris Beach Tide Tmes in 10 Minute Intervals.

Added new 7 Day Chart with Now Timeline. 2020-11-01

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Logo Global Forecast Maps Added New Hail Risk Page


Posted on 29th Oct 2020 20:39:28

Added new ( Significant Hail Risk ( % ) ) Maps Aus 3 Hourly to Global Forecast Maps. Hail Maps

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Logo New Privacy Policy and User Agreement Pages Added


Posted on 26th Oct 2020 15:47:22

We finally got around to revamping our Privacy Policy and User Agreement Pages.
We are also now uploading onsite Weather Data and Weather Webcam to

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Logo New Forecast Rain and Water Tank Capture Page Added


Posted on 22nd Oct 2020 13:38:08

Added new page to display our onsite 9 Day Forecast Precipitation (Rain) and Estimated Water Tank Capture.

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Logo Global Forecast Maps Added - Updated 2020-10-29


Posted on 14th Oct 2020 20:22:05

GFS Maps ( Global Forecast Maps ) Generated onsite, 5 Days Out (3hr and 1hr Maps) Uploaded every 6hrs.

Note: Modified both Aus and Tas Precipitation/Rain Maps to better visualise 0.2mm Rain Forecast.

Note: Also added 2 new Maps ( Total Column Ozone (Amount) and Temperature @ 2 metres (Celsius) ), as well as Beaumaris Place Marker on all Maps.

Note : Also added ( Significant Hail Risk ( % ) ) Maps Aus 3 Hourly.

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Logo Modified Main Page Forecast Display


Posted on 11th Oct 2020 02:22:27

We have Modified Our Main index Page, to hopefully give a better flow of information as users scroll down the page.

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Logo Note about our Air Quality Sensor


Posted on 20th Sep 2020 06:57:12

Some info about our onsite Air Quality Sensor reading high in Foggy conditions.

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Logo Water Tanks - Do You Need Yours Cleaned


Posted on 12th Sep 2020 18:35:48

Are your Water Tanks Safe, Do you Drink Water from Your Tanks....

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Logo Last 12 Hours Rolling Charts added to Main Page


Posted on 12th Sep 2020 11:57:47

Added new Realtime Last 12 Hours Rolling Chart to bottom of Main Page.

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Logo Global Weather Extremes Page added


Posted on 6th Sep 2020 09:23:22

Upgraded Global Weather Extremes Page.

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Logo Cloud Base Cloud Type and Beaufort Scale Pages added


Posted on 3rd Sep 2020 16:23:43

2 New Pages added, Cloud Base and Cloud Type and Beaufort Scale.

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Logo Space Weather Page added


Posted on 30th Aug 2020 14:28:39

Added Space Weather Page which includes Observations, Alerts, Forecasts and Aurora Alerts.

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Logo Quake Detected - Mag 6.9 Banda Sea


Posted on 22nd Aug 2020 08:14:25

Quake Detected - Mag 6.9 Banda Sea Indonesia recorded on our onsite Seismic Monitor.

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Logo New Historic Data Pages Added


Posted on 21st Aug 2020 07:14:44

5 New pages added to the Station Data menu.

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Logo Hardware Wind Issues - Updated 2020-08-15


Posted on 5th Aug 2020 16:11:17

Our Anemometer, which records our Onsite Wind had a flat battery on Monday 3rd August 2020.

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Logo Beaumaris onsite Climate Trends Page added


Posted on 1st Aug 2020 18:35:35

Added new Climate Trends Page, which displays Daily and Monthly Climate Trends using our onsite data.

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Logo Station Status Page Updated


Posted on 27th Jul 2020 20:14:17

Added new content to our Station Status Page. Much more to come.

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Logo New Quake Database and Page


Posted on 22nd Jul 2020 10:49:30

Added new Earthquake Database and New Earthquake Page displaying all Australian and Significant Global Earthquakes (for Last 7 Days).

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Logo Weather (Warnings) and Fire (Alerts) - Updated 2020-08-02


Posted on 20th Jul 2020 18:28:40

Modified the Tas Warnings and Tas Marine and Tas Fire Alerts (graphics on all page headers), hopefully they display better.

Note : Modified the Images on Wed : 02 August 2020

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Logo Quake Detected - Mag 7.1 P.N.G


Posted on 17th Jul 2020 15:12:41

Quake Detected - Mag 7.1 P.N.G Eastern New Guinea recorded on our onsite Seismic Monitor.

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Logo Australian Public Holidays


Posted on 15th Jul 2020 14:13:31

Hi, we added Australian Public Holidays page. Hope you find it usefull.

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Logo Links Page Updated


Posted on 14th Jul 2020 11:27:00

Hi, tidied up our Links Page, removed old missing link entries.

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Logo Info Tip


Posted on 13th Jul 2020 20:45:02

Info Tip about usage on our website.

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Logo Welcome to our Weather Site


Posted on 13th Jul 2020 06:19:42

Hi it's taken me a while to get this version of our Beaumaris Weather Site up and running. So here's a bit of an update. Please Note, this is not the Mobile Version of our Weather Station, mainly PC, Laptop viewing recommended.

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