Field names and Description used in WXSIM data files

Column "lastret.txt contains the field names as used by WRET => lastret.txt output,
Column "latest.csv contains the field names as contained in latest.csv,
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  UOM lastret.txt latest.csv explanation
 txtWEATHERWX Type 1Weather Cloud condition
 txtWEATHERWX Type 2Weather precip other
 tempAIRTemperatureTemperature outside
 tempTMAXHi TempTemperature max
 tempTMINLow TempTemperature min
 %%RHRel.Hum.Humidity Relative
 tempDEWDew Pt.Dew point
 tempWETWet BulbTemperature Wet bulb
 tempWBGTWBGTWet Bulb Global Temperature
 windW.SPWind Spd.Wind speed
 degW.DIRWind Dir.Wind direction compass
 rainPTOTTot.PrcpPrecipitation total
 snowSN.CSnow DpthSnow / ice depth
 baroSLPS.L.P.Pressure at sea level
 baro mising field name Stn.Pres.Pressure at station
 tempWCFWind ChlWind chill
 tempHT.IHeat IndHeat index
 tempVLYVly TmpTemperature valley
 tempHILLHill TmpTemperature hill
 tempLVL1T_Lvl 1Temperature level 1
 temp850TT_850 mbTemperature 850 mb
 distTHK10-5 ThkThickness
 tempLILIStability Lifted index
 tempSI mising field name Stability Lifted index
 %L.CDSky CovCloud cover Lower (level 1/2)
 % mising field name SC L1Sky cover layer 1
 % mising field name SC L2Sky cover layer 2
 % mising field name SC L3Sky cover layer 3
 % mising field name SC L4Sky cover layer 4
 % mising field name SC L5Sky cover layer 5
 %VSTVis TransSky visible trans. %
 distVISVISVisibility horizontal
 degS.ALSun AltSun altitude
 W/m^2S.IRSolar RadSolar Radiation
 indexUVIUV IndexUV Index
 ASL mising field name Freezing LevelFreezing Level (highest)
 ASL mising field name Snow LevelSnow Level (= freezing level when no precip)
 indexTSCDConvection indexConvection index (1=very unlikely => 5=numerous likely)
 %SWXOSevere indexSevere index (1=very unlikely => 5=numerous likely)
 windG1MN1 min GustGust 1 minute
 windG10M10 min GustGust 10 minute
 windG1HR1 hr GustGust 1 hour
 windG6HR6 hr GustGust 6 hour
 temp15M15 m??
 tempGRSGrass TemperatureTemperature grass level
 tempSURFSoil Surface TemperatureSoil surface temperature
 tempTSO1Soil Temperature Depth 1Soil temperature depth 1
 tempTSO2Soil Temperature Depth 2Soil temperature depth 2
 tempTSO3Soil Temperature Depth 3Soil temperature depth 3
 tempTSO4Soil Temperature Depth 4Soil temperature depth 4
 tempTSO5Soil Temperature Depth 5Soil temperature depth 5
 %MSO1Soil Moistere Depth 1Soil moistere % depth 1
 %MSO2Soil Moistere Depth 2Soil moistere % depth 2
 %MSO3Soil Moistere Depth 3Soil moistere % depth 3
 %MSO4Soil Moistere Depth 4Soil moistere % depth 4
 %MSO5Soil Moistere Depth 5Soil moistere % depth 5
 ??/hET0SET0 Short Reference CropET0 Short Reference Crop
 ??/hET0LET0 Long Reference CropET0 Long Reference Crop
 ??/hATACActual EvapotransiprationEvapotransipration Actual
 rainETSTTotal ET0 Short ReferenceET0 Short Reference Total
 rainETLTTotal ET0 Long ReferenceET0 Long Reference Total
 rainETATTotal Actual EvapotranspirationEvapotranspiration Actual Total
 W/m^2IRDNIR DownIR Down
 W/m^2HSENSensible HeatHeat Sensible
 W/m^2HLATLatent HeatHeat Latent
 W/m^2RNETNet RadiationRadiation Net
 W/m^2HCUPHeat Conducted Up to SurfaceHeat Conducted Up to Surface
 cbSMT1Soil Tension Depth 1Soil tension depth 1
 cbSMT2Soil Tension Depth 2Soil tension depth 1
 cbSMT3Soil Tension Depth 3Soil tension depth 1
 cbSMT4Soil Tension Depth 4Soil tension depth 1
 cbSMT5Soil Tension Depth 5Soil tension depth 1
 %SKYLower cloud coverSky cover total
 ?TSMOConvection indexThunder/Showers
 ?I.RT mising field name Irrigation rate
 ?TTI mising field name Stability Total totals
 ?T.AD mising field name Temperature Advection
 %POP mising field name Precipitation chance/hour
 rain/hrP.RT mising field name Precipitation rate
 index mising field name FFDIForest Fire Danger Index
 index mising field name FWIFire Weather Index
 indexFIREAverageAverage of (FFDI - FWI) Fire Danger Index