About - This Station

The station is powered by a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station, with a 24 hour Fan Asperated Radiation Shield for better Temperature recording as well as UV and Solar Radiation Sensors and Soil Temperature and Moisture Sensors at 100mm and 400mm depth.

The data is collected every 2.5 seconds and the site is updated every 15 seconds, using CU-MX Software.

The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge and a thermo-hydro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible.

In addition there is an onsite Purple Air Quality Monitor, also a 4K HKVision Weather Cam that runs 24 hours a day recording and supplying the last 7 Days of 24 Hour Time-Lapse Videos.

In addition Seismic data is also recorded onsite 24 Hours a day using a Raspberry Shake Monitor 4D which is housed in an underground Vault.

In addition we generate onsite weather forecasts up to 7 Days out (every 3 hours and data output is displayed in 30 minute intervals, in Graphical and Text Formats), using WxSim Software Customised specifically for Beaumaris Weather Station. You can read more about Our Onsite Forecasts by clicking here.

This station also sends onsite Observation data 24/7 to (WU - Weather Underground , BoM WOW - Metoffice and Windy.com), to be used for weather analysis and area forecasting.

Active Uploads

Windy    Windy - Windy.com - Automatic Weather Observations siteID = Beaumaris - f05d1ef9
We also upload our Weather Webcam to Windy.com, select Webcams on Windy
WU    WU - Weather Underground - Automatic Weather Observations siteID = Beaumaris - I90582797
BoM WOW Metoffice ID=40976642    BoM WOW Metoffice - Automatic Weather Observations siteID = BeaumarisWX - 40976642 ( About BoM WoW ) Info

About - Beaumaris ( This beautiful beach side area )

Beaumaris is a small community with a population of approximately 300 people ( and growing ) on the north-east coast of Tasmania, situated beteween St Helens and Scamander in the Parish of FRAMPTON in the Land District of CORNWALL Tasmania.

Beaumaris is served by the Break O'Day Council - St Helens Tasmania and is principally composed of beach-front properties, many of which are holiday or rental accommodation. The area is known for surfing, beach fishing and beach walking along it's extensive picturesque white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Beaumaris is a great place to chill out and let nature come to you.

Beaumaris from a local's point of view, is a relaxed coastal town right on the beach where the sound of crashing waves and the smell of sea salt invigorate your soul.

Surfside is the local drinking hole and where locals and visitors alike gather for a great feed, a casual drink or a game of pool.

Beaumaris is 5 minutes from Scamander (pharmacy, fuel, supermarket, post office, take aways) and 12 minutes from St Helens which is the largest town on Tasmania's east coast.

St Helens is home to a hospital, doctors surgery, dental surgery, substantial retail shopping district, great restaurants, school, Medea Park Residential Care nursing home, vet and more.

The township is serviced by a twice daily bus service to the coastal towns and also major cities. 4g Optus and Telstra coverage available plus NbN broadband internet.

Beaumaris Tasmania was named after the small Welsh town of Beaumaris.

Free Weather Sticker for your Website

You can add a weather graphic to your website, which displays our current onsite weather (updated every 15 seconds) in Beaumaris, NE Coast Tasmania. Just select and copy the HTML code in the yellow box below the weather graphic and paste it into your webpage's HTML editor.

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About - Our Onsite Forecasts

We generate onsite weather forecasts up to 7 Days out (every 3 hours and data output is displayed in 30 minute intervals, in Graphical and Text Formats), using WxSim Software Customised specifically for Beaumaris Weather Station.

These 7 Day weather forecasts are produced by us specifically for the Beaumaris area, but can also be relevant to the surrounding areas within an 80 km radius.

For the purpose of these onsite forecasts, Day forecasts cover the times of 06:00 - 18:00 AEST/AEDT and Night forecasts cover 18:00 - 06:00 AEST/AEDT. For example Monday night is 18:00 Monday to 06:00 Tuesday. Rainfall is calculated as midnight to midnight.

All forecast Times are auto adjusted for DST (Daylight Saving Time).
Data used within WxSim is our own onsite observed weather data as well as a Mix of Data obtained from ( GFS ) Global Forecast System and ( ECMWF ) European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

WXSIM (Weather Simulator) is a powerful, truly one-of-a-kind tool for forecasting, or just plain studying weather. Its primary purpose is providing accurate, detailed forecasts tailored for your specific location, using a combination of imported real-time and model data (from the internet, plus optionally from your home weather station) and its own internal modeling capabilities. It can even improve its forecasts by learning from past results!

Here are some of the ways WXSIM's hundreds of registered users have employed the program over the last 25+ years:
1: Generating forecasts for a home weather station, using its data.
2: Professional forecasts for clients (i.e. for media, agriculture, electrical energy load forecasting, and wind turbines).
3: Forecasting for recreation (i.e. sailing, soaring, and snow skiing).
4: Education, including teaching forecasting skills.
Here are some of the things that WXSIM can forecast (out to 7 Days):
1: Temperature (2 meters above ground, 5 different altitudes above surface, 5 sub-surface depths, at grass surface, plus wind chill factor).
2: Dew point, relative humidity, wet bulb temperature, heat index, and humidex, 2 meters above the surface.
3: Wind speed (and gust strength) and direction 10 meters above the surface, plus wind speed for 2 other heights for wind turbines.
4: Cloud cover and opacity at 5 different heights.
5: Precipitation type and intensity, plus snow depth and ice accumulation (including melting and sublimation).
6: Stability parameters and likelihood of thunderstorms or severe convection.
And much more!

About - This Website

Special thanks go to Tom Ehrensperger ( Legend ) at WxSim for his continual work on the WxSim Suite of Forecasting Applications.

We also Display Warnings for the Beaumaris Area : Supplied by Willy Weather

We also Display Fire related Incidents, Advice, Alerts and Warnings for the Tasmanian Region : Supplied by Tasmanian Fire Service

We also Display Warnings, Alerts and Global Weather related News : Supplied by Weatherzone

This station uses VentraIP to host our website: if you are having issues, you can view the VentraIP Servers Status here

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