Forecast Accuracy Comparisons - by GFS Runs  ( 00z - 06z - 12z - 18z ) for Beaumaris-Weather Tasmania
WxSim vs Actual ( Min and Max ) Temperature Comparison by Day
All WxSim latest.csv data is injected into MySql Tables for each GFSz Run
Note: Although GFS Runs are only made available every 6 Hours, we elect to (re-forecast, using WxSim) every 3 Hours in order to adjust and predict the next 3 hours based on our onsite (recent / current) conditions and we inject these 3 hourly re-runs into the same MySql Tables for each GFSz Run.
This is a completely different approach to what others use, or others may think valid. However it is the view I wish to see.

( Minimum and Maximum Temps are Daily Min/Max from WxSim Temperature field )
( Records began 19 Mar 2021 )
The 2 selectable Graphs below reflect ( Max / Min Temp Delta ) data for each GFS Run.