WXSIM - LEARNING ROUTINE RUNS FROM WRET - by Day in ( °C and °F ) for Beaumaris-Weather Tasmania

WXSIM Wret correc.txt data is injected into MySql Tables / Views each day.
Note: The Charts below display the Daily Difference between ( MAE - pred ), ( MAE - raw ) and ( MAE, pred, raw ).
( Wret Records began 09 Dec 2019 )
The goal is for the ( MAE ) to get smaller than the ( raw ), and hopefully almost as small as the ( pred ).

MAE  is the mean absolute temperature error for the data analyzed.
pred  is the approximate MAE the run would have had with the new bias corrections (and likely value for subsequent runs).
raw  is the approximate MAE the analyzed data would have had with no bias corrections (and = MAE if none were in effect).

MAE  has been equal to  pred  ( 103 )  Times.
Select Series ( MAE (=) Pred ) below Chart to view when they occurred.  ( Value set as 0.5 in order to highlight time of occurrence )

MAE  has never been less than  pred.